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Thursday, 16 June 2011

17th June - day 18 of 5th chemo cycle

Not a  lot to say this morning.
No real change from yesterday.
I have to have my bloods done this morning, and I dare they will tell me when I need to see the oncologist, Monday or Thursday, I hope that they don't, then I can just turn up for the first one.
Having said that, I have two appointments for bloods too. Today and Thursday??????????

Weather...dull and overcast, quite cool really.

I was expecting a visit form someone in HR yesterday, to discuss my options for returning to work, but, alas, he was unable to attend due to unforeseen circumstances.

Lol! I like these cartoons.............I will be pleased to get back to me it means that I am well, and the past few months have just been a dream!!!!!!
Let's hope that the Doctors agree! (haven't discussed this with them yet!)

I will be popping in to town after my visit to the hospital, grab some bits and back home. I am expecting a friend to visit today.

I will update either later today or tomorrow morning...probably tomorrow morning if I am honest..........

Enjoy your day!

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