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Monday, 6 June 2011

6th June - 7th day of 5th Chemo cycle

I had a bad day yesterday.
I slept for most of it!
I felt really weak and tired all day.
I had no physical strength, even brushing my teeth was a real effort.
My left arm became very swollen and painful between the wrist and the elbow.
Still hurts this morning.
I think that it has something to do with the veins.....probably knackered after all of the needles and cannulas!

It is a bit too early to say how I feel today, but so far so good!

I know that after the treatment is over, I should start to feel better, and and the way I feel should be more consistent, so that is good.
I know that when the treatment is over, there will be no further treatment, that is good too!
I know that I will be monitored to see how things are going...another positive!
Only 8 weeks to Roxanne's wedding.....more too look forward too.
I am still expecting some good weather, after all, summer has only just begun!
The garden is looking good.

So....loads of good stuff to outweigh the bad!


cleo said...

great baby!! You have THE positive attitude!! You will get past all, soon! happy days honey! oxoxox Cleo

Carol said...

Thanks Cleo, x