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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

22nd June - 2nd day of 6th and Final chemo cycle

Well, not a lot to say...

The staff worked really hard, as usual. Cards and chocolates distributed.

8.30 till 17.00, I had drips in for the chemo infusion. (I did get bored so I wrote another poem), needs a bit of tweaking before I post it.

I felt very woozy, dizzy and generally unsteady on my feet when I got back.
Pete, my brother in law, was kind enough to take me and bring me back. Thanks Pete.

I have to self medicate chemo and anti sickness today, tomorrow and friday.

I am really tired and lethargic, as usual at this stage. This lessens as the cycle goes on, but it has taken a little longer with each cycle.


Now, I think that best thing that I can do for my own sanity and satisfaction, is to tell my self that I am cured, and that there is no longer any cancer in my body.
Once I get over these debilitating side effects, I want to get back to normal and live a little, do normal stuff.

This morning, I have heart burn, sinusitis, and a REAL sense of urgency when nature calls!
My ankles are just starting to expand...whooopeedee!

As I have said on a number of previous occasions, things could have been so much worse.

I am grateful that they weren't.

Whoooooohoooooooooo! No more treatment!
What will be now, will be, I will accept with grace and return to proper living in the interim, how ever long that may be!
See you all tomorrow, have a good one!

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