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Sunday, 26 June 2011

27th June - 8th Day of 6th and final chemo cycle

Yesterday, the weather was a bit oppressive. Very pleasant in the shade, and if I stayed still! lol!
The tenderness that envelopes my whole body for at least one full day started to creep over my torso the day before yesterday, and by yesterday morning, I just hurt all over.
Tinnitus seems to be getting worse, and is noticeable all of the time now.
I was expecting the side effects to get a little worse as the 'cycles' went on, and this has happened.
Neuropathy was a bit worse yesterday too. The whole of one of my feet, part of the other, and the finger tips on my left hand were effected. Pretty much the same this morning.
That does not mean that I am not expecting them to disappear over the next few weeks or so. (Not my hands and feet, the side effects! Lol!)
I had the 'shakes' yesterday too, gone now though.

Looks like it is going to be another 'scorcher' today...I am feeling tired and lethargic....(again/still, I don't know....)

Anyway, I will rest, potter and mooch and chill today...........
Take care!

A friend was going to come and visit yesterday, but, alas, this did not happen...but just as well really, I was not good company, and was feeling a bit sorry for myself!

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