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Thursday, 2 June 2011

3rd June - 4th day of 5th chemo cycle

Had a great day yesterday.
Roxanne came.......I had loads of cards, gifts, flowers,texts and phone calls....and loads of congrats on face book which is great.
Roxanne insisted on taking me to town to pick my prezzie, you guessed, craft work stuff!
AND.......... I didn't leave one bag behind.
(Roxanne took care of that, AND she put an alarm on her phone to make sure that I took my chemo meds on time.....bloody nuisance, going off every hour or so!)...mind you, it did make me have to sit down with a drink).

My feet were really swollen and some how uncomfortable yesterday, tingly and 'stabby', but I suppose that I will  have to get used to it.

The other thing.....(Don't read this Philip, it may be too much for you! Lol!)

I had to wear tenna pants all day yesterday, because every time I moved, I leaked urine, seems OK today though, so far.

When I was in the shower yesterday, my hair came out in clumps again, well, I cleaned it all up, shaved the rest off... can't stand it falling out all over the place in in my dinner....yukky, yukky.
And as you know, I don't care if I have hair or not. Still too short to be bothered about anyway.

The prescription for my 'dilator' is done, and is now in the chemist...they have to order it in especially, but I think that it will be ready for collection some time today, shall check it out later on.

I had a great day yesterday, and I would like to thanks all of my friends and family for their wonderful gifts, texts, comments, cards, calls and flowers.

A real boost...and any one can massage my ego any time that they like....Love it, love it, love it! lol!

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