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Friday, 24 June 2011

25th June - 6th day of FINAL (6th chemo cycle)

No more to take, took the last yesterday!

Feeling tired this morning, but then I did get up at 04.00am, don't ask, I have no idea why!
I will probably pop back to bed in a while for another doze...I mean...040.00am, I must want my bumps feeling!

The weather forcast is great for this week end...I just hope that it is accurate!

I am expecting loads of visitors this week, which is great.

Still feeling a bit nauseous......the rest is fading, or hasn't kicked in yet, so that is good.

Well, I have been up for over an hour now, I think that I will have a coffee, and nip back to bed for a little while before I nod off!

See you all tomorrow...have a great week-end!

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