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Saturday, 11 June 2011

11th June - 12th day of 5th chemo cycle

Well, no real change in the way I feel....
Still tired....(boring, same old same old...)
Headache on and off
Sore mouth
Sore arm
Lack of motivation
Difficult to concentrate
Nose bleeds on and off
Sore head (hair loss)
unpredictability re continence
heartburn on and off hip joints are hurting intermittently, not sure if it is connected, or that I am just old and knackered now! lol!
Feet and lower legs still tingly/numb

Back to outfit for the wedding...
I have decided to make my own bag, and adorn a pair of shoes to match. Macrame and gemstones!

My son, Keith, is coming on Monday, so I am really looking forward to that!...Love you Keith!

The bird and strawberry saga.....
Little devils snaffled the nearly ripe strawberry yesterday afternoon!
Well, I have decided to leave the strawberries to them, and go and get a punnet from the market...(or send someone else!)
The birds have got the better of me...clever little things!

It looks like the sun will be shining today, the garden is calling me...just having a wander around the garden is very satisfying.

I also want to say Hi to Gordon, my nephew...he has said such wonderful things about me...made me all emotional and tearful... Thanks Gordon.......(leaving me speechless, which is no mean feat!)

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