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Friday, 3 June 2011

4th June - 5th Day of 5th chemo cycle

It was a beautiful day. The weather was fantastic.
With out Roxanne and her bloody annoying alarm going off every time I needed to take my meds...I went a bit haywire....but all sorted.

My feet are very tingly, and my feet and calves are really swollen. It is difficult to bend my ankles and knees, but I am sure that it will all sort its self out eventually.
They are a little less bloated today, but I expect that they will grow as the day goes on.

I have been lucky so far, no sickness....Yay!
Heart burn, palpitations, tinnitus, swelling  and tingly legs and feet, continence issues, tiredness and lethargy are the worst symptoms so far, but I am sure that I will get over it!

I think that I will sit down in the garden today and paint the fence in the back garden, the little one, I can sit and take my time and just have a general 'pootle' around the garden! Weather is looking promising today again.

My head is very sore where my hair is coming out again, and even laying on the pillow is very uncomfortable, I didn't feel it like this last time, but I dare say that it will be short lived, because when my hair is gone, it's gone.

I would like to say that my eyelashes grew back very dark, think and long, so I would quite like to keep them, unlikely though that is.
My eyebrows are patchy, be I am drawing them where I want them! lol!

I picked up my dilator yesterday, well, Derek did, and it comes with a DVD, relaxation information for when you are using it. I haven't looked at it yet, but a little daily job that I thought was only going to take a few seconds, looks like it is a half an hour job at least....bummer! Will let you know what it involves when I have had a little look.

I will be starting to make Roxanne's wedding jewellery some time this week, she has picked her gems, so I can crack on now.

Have a good day, where ever you are!

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