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Monday, 20 June 2011

21st June - 1st day of 6th (and final) chemo cycle

I saw the oncologist yesterday.
I was told that:

  • They have thrown everything that they can at me, there is nothing more that can be done.
  • They will keep their eye on me.
  • I should expect an appointment for a scan. This will be used as a bench mark to monitor any changes.
  • I will get an appointment to see Proff. Murphy, who will discuss cancer with me. (The oncologist deals with cancer treatment- two different things, apparently).
Not a lot else was discussed. I have been prescribed vitamin D............this is to combat the phlebitis. we go again....08.30..............1st day of cycle 6.
I know that I wont feel like 'blogging' when I get back at about 18.00 hrs, because
I know that I can't think, walk or move really, I feel like I am in  a bowel of treacle and that it has also seeped into my head!!!!! (Not a lot of change there then, I hear you shout!) Lol!
I can't really describe how debilitating it is....(for me any way, I suppose it effects different people in different ways.)

I will have to have the canula in my right hand today, due to the phlebitis in my left, this is going to make life a bit difficult, as i am right handed.

Any bag is packed with magazines, a book...Patricia Cormwall, phone, on silent, and I have a box of chocolates for the Chemo staff, one for radiotherapy staff and another for the girls on reception.
I can't tell how very good and supportive all of the staff have been! Thank you all!

I will see you tomorrow, when I know that I will feel a little better.
Have a great day!

Hmmmmmm, not sure what picture I should add, so it will probabaly be a random one........If I am to be honest, my glasses are packed in the bag, so I don't know if I can see well enough to pick an appropriate one, lol!
So a bit of a lucky dip here!

There....did it!!!!!!!!!

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