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Friday, 10 June 2011

10th June - 11th day of 5tth chemo cycle

Had a great day yesterday!

Went to the I said, although change to my prescription is required, there is no point, as it may change again at the end of the treatment.

Me and the optician did have a bit of a giggle though!!!!!!
Just general silliness, which is always good. (That's one of the reasons I enjoy FB!).

Mum had her eyes checked too.....(killing 2 birds with 1 stone, will be literal if they don't stop getting to my newly ripened strawberries before I do in the mornings! Lol!)
Anyway...although Mum has had lazer treatment on her eyes to remove stuff, she was complaining of these globby things in front of her eyes.......(nothing to worry about though, so that is good, all age related!)

I bought my 'Mother of the Bride' wasn't the plan...but, there it was! What is a girl to do?
I think that it is fab!  To my taste, it fits, it looks good, has the colour theme that Roxanne chose for her wedding, it has the colours that I really like too!
Not what may be considered 'traditional' Mother of the Bride attire, but I think that Roxanne would be disappointed if I went traditional/conventional after all these years! Love you, Roxanne!
Just need shoes and bag now....I know what I want.... finding it, however, is another story!

Went to see my brother, Philip.
He has just moved closer, so, not far to go.
He lives in this fabulous traditional a cottage...all windy and uppy downy roads...very pub or shop, (there would have to be both for me), and there are no street lights at all! He needs a torch to walk the dog, (Sam),...even on his street! Ermmmmm, me being a complete wimp, finds that really eerie.
It is very beautiful, out in the country side, all neighbours have dogs, horses at the garden fence...yes, it is fab!
I shall definitely be going again soon....all that peace and quiet!

This isn't a pic of his cottage, but not far off!

I had loads of rests on the way around the opticians...having lunch..relaxing with Philip....yes. I had a good day yesterday!

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