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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29th June - 10th day of 6th chemo cycle

It was a lot cooler yesterday, and I had some visitors!
Two of my friends and work colleagues came yesterday, we went to lunch and had a great chat.
The came adorned with some beautiful flowers! This was great...Thanks!

Feeling so much better today, mentally and emotionally anyway!

A bit concerned that the side effects of the chemo are taking longer to go away this this time.

So...what is still there?

  • Tinnitus....worsening.
  • Neuropathy....seems to be getting worse, and there are additions, stabbing to the thighs.......
  • Nausea, still there, and threatening to go that one stage further for the first time!
  • Quite an 'upset tummy'...continence wise.
  • Tired, tired, tired, all of the time!
  • Pain in the hip joints seems to be getting worse.
  • Sore body, usually only lasted for a day...still there, been at least 3 days now.
  • Everything seems to be in 'slow motion'.
  • Eyesight still an issue.
  • Concentration and focus still an issue.
  • Toothache still.
On the 'up side'..........
  • Headache and sinusitis seem to have gone.
  • I can actually get showered and dressed without taking a break, although it is still hard work! Lol!
  • Should be able to get eyes sorted in a couple of weeks.
  • Should be able to get my tooth sorted soon.
  • I seem to be loosing my 'healthy' appetite, so I should return to my usual size soon. I can already 'feel' that I have lost a little weight.
Need to wait for the appointment for my scan, and from Professor Murphy. I should be able to find out the why's and wherefore's..............

I was expecting to feel all back to normal now, but I don't, am I expecting too much from myself or am I just a wimp!? Lol! 


Expecting too much?


cleo said...

no my love, its all normal what you go through.. I feel still like shite in the morning, so worn out I feel... you have no idea, oh well, you have an idea now! Row on the boat my lovely, just continue and once you will feel better.. hold on darling!! oxoxox<3

Carol said...

Thanks Cleo,
I think that I am expecting a bit too much from myself, based on what all my friends and contacts who have been through the treatment have told me...I thought that I was well, but I am clearly not...............
Thanks again