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Friday, 1 April 2011

1st April

Had a letter from NHS HQ this morning.
I was surprised, so I ripped it open in case it was info on my health.

It was full of jargon and gobble-di-gook, but I managed to work out that there is a new 'Suffers Award' of some sort.
Apparently, each NHS hospital gets to nominate people.

The idea is that they select the person/people who have suffered the most or endured the most over a period of time.

Well, I was really excited, never won anything in my life........
So I have set to and filled in all the questions.

There were questions about the service received, the Doctors, Specialist nurses and receptionists.
How I felt, what made things better, what didn't...........

As I said, I filled it all in and used my best handwriting..... excitement mounting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Anyway, I made a copy, and got Derek to post it for me.

I think that the Radiotherapy staff at New Cross Hospital have a bloody good chance of winning this prestigious award. 
They endured a great deal of suffering over the past few weeks dealing with me.

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