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Saturday, 9 April 2011

9th April

I feel so much better today!
It doesn't seem possible that I could feel so rotten only a couple of days ago and feel so good now!
Don't misunderstand me, I don't feel like I could go bungee jumping or parachuting yet, but I feel better.

(Just in time to see the Doctor and be told when I start chemo so that I can feel like sh*t again!)

Oooooops, now, now, no negativity please Carol!

Yep.....I feel brill!

I have been busying myself going hither and thither, doing this and that, moving far more freely and painlessly than I have done for yonkers!!!!!

Come on!...........Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!


Carole said...

Great news Carol, really pleased to read this post :-))

Hugs xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Read yours, glad that you are feeling better, and are thinking about going to careful..I am pleased to be feeling better, I had almost forgotten what it was like! Lol!
See how things go after I have seen the Doc tomorrow.
:) x