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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

13th April

Last night and the night before, I had a bit of difficulty sleeping, I think that it is my back ache, not sure what is causing it.
I have started to do stretching exercises, which haven't helped, (yet anyway), I keep taking myself for regular but short walks.

Everything smells like some sort of metal or iron.........everything tastes like I am sucking on a crow bar, (an iron bar for those that don't know what it is). yucky, yucky, yucky!!!!!!

The next pic is a crow bar....

I think that my whole body is showing signs of radio!

I am sure that my wee is flouresceing too............doesn't matter what, or how much I wee is 'dayglo yellow!'

Pooh...this varies from khaki to citrus lemony-greeny and mustard..........bit of a 'pooh-bow', (as opposed to rainbow).
Apart from the back ache, the other stuff is more of an annoyance or real major concerns.

Observing the silliest things because I am going 'stir crazy'....insanity is creeping in slowly.

So, all in all I am a positive little bunny!!

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