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Sunday, 17 April 2011

17th April

Went to sleep almost straight away last night! Yay!
Then the neighbours had a party and woke me at 12.00 midnight! lol!

I am not upset though, because they have never disturbed me before, so it isn't a regular occurance.
Been busy in the garden today, loved it!
I went out to lunch yesterday with a friend...that was great too!

Tomorrow, I am spending about 4 hours with my niece and nephew, then taking Mum to her 'blood clinic'.
Tuesday, all day with Roxanne, my daughter, Wednesday, I will spending the day with another friend, Sandra, in town. Thursday, I have to see the Oncologist....Friday, Saturday and Sunday, my some Keith is coming.

I am being the proverbial 'social butterfly'................How fab is that!!!!!

I am certainly going to make the most of this before I start to feel rough again when the chemo starts.


Carole said...

Should have got your glad rags on and gone to the party :-)

Glad to hear that you've got a busy constructive week planned're doing the right thing, enjoying doing things with your friends and family whilst you're feeling good.
After the chemo, you'll be able to do that again too :-)

Much luv xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
I had forgotten how tiring being social can be lol!
I wish that the chemo was already finished...I am really not looking forward to it!
Take care