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Saturday, 30 April 2011

30th April

Well, not a great deal to say..................
I have developed a really painful lump on my 'bits'. I am not sure what it may be a late developing radiation burn, could be a boil or a bloody great pimple! I will see how things go.
Bit of a bummer though, (no pun intended).
I thought that I had seen the back of discomfort in my nether regions.
Ho hum, and all that, sais la vie!

(Found this pic on the net, really like it, and it expresses how I feel so perfectly).

To top it all, I think that I have over done it a bit! I am so tired, achy and I have a head ache.

Serves me right, I was warned that I would feel really well, but it wouldn't mean that I was well!

That will teach me to get 'cocky!' Lol!

I am going to take it easy tomorrow.....Ann and Dave are coming from Bristol, and we are going out to lunch.

This means no cooking, washing up, gardening or anything else that means I have to lift anything heavier than
a fork!

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