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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Thursday 21st April

Well, I had my appointment with the oncologist today.
I still have a couple of radiation burns, and a lot of scarring from the burns that have now healed.
I have lost weight...Yay!!!!!!!!
Mustn't get too excited, because, as soon as I start chemo again, it will all come back...Oh joy! Oh rapture!

After asking some questions, i.e.
Do I still have cancer etc..........
The response is as follows:-

For the next 5 years it will be considered that I still have cancer. It is hoped that after the chemo is complete, the cancer will be in remission.
The cancer may rear it's ugly head again.
I will need to go for regular check ups for the next 5 years.
I have an exemption certificate for 5 years, (until 2016), for free medication.

Apparently, with any cancer, it is uncertain as to if it is gone, or in remission following the treatment.

My next chemo session is on May10th. Each session at the hospital will last for 7-8 hours each.
It will be as it was last time.

I am feeling really well, although I still tire easily. This, according to the Doctor is to be expected for many months, if not longer, following chemo and radiotherapy.

Continence issues are still a bit problematic, but improving daily.
Getting off to sleep is a nuisance...but then is getting up in the morning! Lol!
I am still squeezing as much socialising and gardening in as I can between now and 10th May, (I do rest as I need to).

I know that for 5-10 days after each session, I will be feeling anything but social!

O.K.....I am of to make hay whilst the sun shines............................

I will 'post'. tomorrow, but it will be more about my social activities and the garden than my little friend.....Cancer!

Back to 'business' on 10th May.

Happy Easter to you all!!

(I did my private celebrations on 20th March for Oestara - sometimes spelt Ostara).

But, I am still celebrating with my family!


Anonymous said...

An idle brain is the devil's workshop.

Carol said...

You are so right......whilst I am able, I want to do as much as I can!
Hope that you have enjoyed the holidays!