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Saturday, 2 April 2011

Saturday 2nd April

As you know, yesterday was April Fool's Day.

Those of you who read my blog yesterday...ALL THE WAY THROUGH, will know everything that I wrote was a whole load of old rubbish!

Those of you who didn't read it all the way through, NAUGHTY.....Gotcha!
To the naughty step...remember to stay there for 1 minute for each year of your age!!!!!!!! Lol!

Anyway...feeling a lot more comfortable now. The 'older' burns are on the mend, and the most recent ones are the ones that are still very sore and debilitating.

I have been told to brace myself for further developments of discomfort. I am hoping that I am able to miss that bit out! Lol!

OK, so all in all, I am feeling a lot better, but still a way to go.

On the mend...slowly!

Thanks to you all for supporting me through the very dark times.

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