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Thursday, 14 April 2011

14th April

I stopped taking all of my pain killers and sleeping medication, and I also stopped taking the anaesthetic gel and anti-biotic gel.................

My pain has reduced greatly, so, I don't feel the need to take the pain killers (Morphine/Tramadol).
I will take the occasional paracetamol if I feel that I need to. (Usually for my back at the moment).
 So far, so good with that.

Sleeping tablets...well, I am having difficulty sleeping without them, but I am a little concerned that I will become dependant on them, so I am happy to put up with a few restless nights. (After all, it isn't as if I have to get up for work, so I can still nap in the day if I need to).

Now, the anaesthetic gel and anti-bacterial gel is another story all together!
I still NEED it!
Without it, the pain and discomfort of the last few external burns is very noticeable!
On the 'up side', instead of applying each time I use the loo, I am only using it twice daily....each morning and each night.

It has been 2 weeks since my last radio therapy session, so what effects remain from this?
Well, some effects may still be from the chemo....not sure.

I will list the effects that are still with me.

Eye sight.
Still not good, doesn't seem to be getting any worse though.
It may do during/after the next lot of chemo. I will see the optician when it is all over.

Back Ache
A real pain.
To be honest, it doesn't seem to be getting any better at all. As I said, I am exercising, walking and moving about...but no change there.

Vaginal pain and discomfort
Greatly improved, and getting better by the minute!

Bladder control.
I can go longer with out using the loo, but, as before, if I need to go, I need to go NOW!!!!

Bowel control
Not needing to go as often, but very, very little warning.

They are still getting loose, gums receding, good pain.

Taste and smell
Everything tastes of and smells like metal.

I can concentrate for longer periods now, but I do find that I get very frustrated and even angry if I make a silly mistake due to my eye sight, or lack of concentration, particularly if it means that I have to do the same task again!
I could 'spit nails!'

Up and down, I am pleased to say, mainly up, although there have been some very dark moments........

I thought that I should mention this, because you may be wanting to know if it is possible etc.....

Well, apart from the days that I actually have chemo at the hospital, and often, the 2 days afterwards, I have been able to drive.
Sitting in the driving seat was no more painful than sitting anywhere else during radiotherapy, I drove myself there and back everyday.
Taxi would have been too expensive, and ambulance service would have been impractical, because, there would have been many pick-ups/drop offs, this would have caused a continence issue. Using the ambulance service would have taken 1-2 hours each way.
I wouldn't have been able to sit in the same position for so long, due to the pain, and I would have pee'd myself at least twice each journey. (And maybe even worse!)
Driving took 10-15 minutes.

I am unable to drive for any length of time, as I proved to myself on Monday, I can't go any longer that 1 hour without the toilet...max!
The same applies to walking now....I have to plot routes that are either very short, or I know that there is a toilet close by.
Got that pretty well sorted as far as a little jaunt to town goes. I think that I am aware of every 'pit stop' in Wolverhampton! lol!

Hopefully, the issues with continence will be temporary!

No reason for this picture at all...I just think that it is cute!

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