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Friday, 8 April 2011

8th April

Morning all!
Feeling a bit better today, so that is good.

I have suspected that there is blood in my urine for a couple of days, but wasn't sure.
I think that I may be right now, but I will mention it to the Doctor on Monday, it isn't causing any pain or distress, so it can wait.

Generally I feel well mentally and emotionally.
Soreness is subsiding, which is good, still very bloated and looking like a zeppelin...that, I hope will sort it's self out in time.

Bloody lower back pain is a 'pain' lol!

That is probably because my posture has been all over the place whilst I have been trying to sit, stand and walk in a way that was causing minimal pain to my nether regions, but I can do that stuff properly now, although still slowly.

Still a bit nauseous, but I haven't been sick, so that it good too!

I have recently found out, that when my Mum has been visiting the places that olders Mum's visit, she has been telling people that I am 59!

Ouch...that hurts, I mean really hurts! I am 56 in June.
I am going to bash her up when you lot aren't looking! lol!!!!!!

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