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Friday, 22 April 2011

22nd April

Well, as I said yesterday, I don't think that there will be anything to report cancer wise until 10th April, so I am going to talk about my garden, family and friends.

As you know, on 5th, 6th and 7th, Roxanne, my daughter came. We did some gardening. I use the term 'we' loosely, as I was not really well enough to 'do' I just gave directions!
Oh, what pleasure I got from!

On 15th, my friend Jackie came, and we went out to the Wing Wah for lunch, and then came back and just sat chatting in the garden. That was very 'civilised! lol!

On 18th, my niece and nephew came for a few hours, and we made Easter baskets.

For the basket, we used:-
Card and  raffia.
 I drew a pattern and the children cut it out.
Then, we used the raffia to weave the basket.
We filled the basket with shredded green tissue paper.
For the Easter chick we used:-
Yellow furry fabric.
Orange felt.
I drew a pattern on the fabric, and the children cut out.
(Two circles, one smaller than the other.)
The edges of each circle were 'tacked' using needle and cotton, so that it could be pulled to close the circle.
The circles were stuffed with 'soft toy stuffing', and then sewn closed.
The circles were then attached to each other using stitches.
The large circle became the chicks body, and the small circle became the head.
A diamond shape was cut from the orange felt. This was folded in half, stitched along the edge to keep an 'open beak' shape.
Then it was sewn to the head of the chick in the appropriate position.
A heart shape was also cut from the felt. This was sewn to the under side of the body to make the feet of the chick.
One large black dot was drawn on  the chicks head, each side of, and just above the beak, to make the eyes.
The basket was then filled with small chocolate eggs and 'jelly bunnies'. The chick was placed on top.
The children did this themselves with a little help and total supervision.
Afterwards, I face painted the children.
A butterfly for Sophie, (aged 6 years), and an Alien for Reece, (aged 8 years).

I met my friend Sandra in town.
We had lunch, and then did a little shopping. We visited 4 shops, and then we came home for coffee.
Sandra isn't too well, and I need to rest a great deal, so 4 shops is all that we could!
Isn't that tragic?....So sad.......all that shopping opportunity gone to waste! lol!

This isn't actually a picture of us...but you get the idea! lol!

I wont post again until 24th!
Have a wonderful Easter break!


Carole said...

Have a lovely Easter break've *more* than earned it girl :-)

I just LOVE the furry little Easter chicks you made, so cute


Carol said...

Hi Carole,
Hope that you and yours have a great break too...and hoping that the weather stays fine....rained here last night, but seems OK this morning.