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Thursday, 31 March 2011

31st March - 28th Radiotherapy session - Last one!

Well, today was my last radiotherapy session.
I was told that the 'effects' will probably 'peak' in about 1 week.

A bit like micro-waving food apparently, once the food comes out of the micro-wave, it continues to cook....same thing........

Anyway, I have all the stuff that I need to manage it all.

For pain...
Tramadol, morphine and paracetamol

Stuff for anti-sickeness

Anti-biotics for infection

Anaesthetic gel, anti-bacterial gel...........

O.K  Stress relieving tips and hints as promised


The main one I think will be useful for everyone........

This will help with:-
Sore bum for any reason.

With any of the above, your bum gets sore.

Piles, because they are a pain in the arse
Constipation because of all of the 'pushing' and dryness,
Diahorrea, because of 'overuse' and over wiping..

Get some Aqueous cream.
When you need to wipe your bum after using the loo, get the toilet paper, dip it in the pot of cream, and wipe the bum area, (front to back).
Repeat with a fresh piece of paper until clean.

The cream is a great cleanser, it aids with lubrication,(constipation), and it soothes and cools, (piles and diahorrea).
It doesn't sting like some 'wipes' do. It is easy to flush.

Tip 2

The next few tips, I think will only be useful for someone having radiotherapy on their vagina.(But maybe  not).

When the anaesthetic gel was prescribed, I used it, it was suggested that it should be used without the aqueous cream.
I did try it, but it made the area feel it would split with every step that I took.
What I found helpful, was to apply the gel, wait a few moments, and then add the smallest amount of aqueous cream.

When the anti-bacterial gel was prescribed, I had to mix equal amounts of the two gels, and then apply.
The anti-bacterial gel served as the aqueous cream had done, and I was then able to stop using it.

Tip 3

After using the loo to wee...DO NOT use toilet paper to wipe.
The paper disintegrates and little bits of it stick to the sensitive area adding to the irritation and discomfort.

Get a flannel, rinse it through, and wring it as dry as you can.
Make sure that it is not hot, this will aggravate the situation.
Do not make it cold either, although it is very soothing and cooling, it tends to cause discomfort a few minutes afterwards.

My advice would be to get the flannel, rinse and ring out.
Leave it in a safe and clean place, ensuring that everyone in the household knows that it is for your use only.
When you need it, it will be about room temp.
Gently pat the area with the flannel, then apply creams as required.
Rinse the flannel again, ready for the next use.
Use a fresh flannel everyday.

Tip 4

Carry a clean and damp flannel with you if you are going out to mop up any leaks. Take a plastic bag with you to keep the flannel in.
Again, do not use toilet paper or tissues for the same reasons as previously mentioned.

Now, my time to relax a bit!


Carole said...

Well Done you :-)

Rest and repair now. Like your list of 'tips' too.

Much luv xxxx

Carol said...

Thanks Carole,
I am laying on the couch waiting for someone to fan me and peel me a grape!

Carole said...

'A' grape? A 'single' grape??
Think you deserve a whole vineyard full !! :-)

Keep resting and don't expect your energy levels to return just yet.


Carol said...

lol! one grape will do today...a whole fruit salad tomorrow!!!!!