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Thursday, 24 March 2011

24th March - 23rd Radiotherapy session

I have been feeling particularly sore for the past few days.

Roxanne came on Monday, and left on Tuesday. She came with me to my hospital appointments, and waited on me hand and foot. which was great!

Her wedding dress looked lovely on her.

On Tuesday, I went to 'look good, feel better workshop'.
I really did feel too poorly to go, but I was already at the hospital, having just had my treatment.
It was very enjoyable and I learned a great deal, unfortunately I was unable to give it 'my all', as the pain is 'all consuming' despite trying my best to do stuff to take my mind off of it.

My tramadol has been increased by 125% over these days, and I will be on morphine from Monday.

My legs are getting weak when I try to stand and move. I was sent up to a ward yesterday, and some test were done, and I will be 'observed'.

I was really worried that they were going to keep me in hospital, because I didn't want to miss the new series of Midsomer Murders! lol!

I am going to be a bit graphic now, so if you have a weak stomach...skip this next bit......
My vagina is very swollen and sore. It feel like leather to the touch. There are many 'burn blisters all over it.
The burn goes down the whole crack of my bottom, continues over the whole vagina and extends to the crease to the top of each thigh.
Apart from being very sore, and is like walking around with a leather handbag hanging between my legs.....each pocket rubbing against the next...........

OK, the nasty bit is over now.

I am taking 100mg tramadol 4 times daily and 8 paracetamol through out the day.
Sleeping tablets at night, and anaesthetic gel 4 times daily and anti-bacterial gel 4 times daily.
Further urine test today and blood tests.

Another visit with the Doctor on Monday, and it is expected that I will be prescribed Morphine. It is something that I wanted to avoid...but....bugger my principles, the pain is to great!

Tomorrow is my 24th radiotherapy session, so next Thursday will be my last.
Then I will start chemotherapy again.


Carole said...

Sending you HUGE hugs Carol because I *know* that pain so well.

People think it's probably a bearable discomfort but it's SO intense that it's hard to think about anything else.
Do not be resistant to the morphine - I was initially, but it really made a huge amount of difference to how much you can stand.

The good news is that shortly after the Radiotherapy stops, the pain does too. They told me I'd be VERY sore for anything up to a month afterwards but I felt tons better within about 10 days.

You're doing SOOOO well xxxx

Carol said...

Receiving HUGE hugs with thanks!
I really need them...this is awful....only 4 more zaps to go, then more chemo.
You are right, it is so hard to think about anything else but the pain.
Glad that you had a good time in Rhodes with your sister!
Love Carol