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Tuesday, 8 March 2011

8th March - 12 th radiotherapy session

Morning all!
I haven't been for my treatment yet today. It is at 10.20.

I had a really bad night. Incredible stomach cramps and diarrhorea.
This went on from 03.00 - 05.00.

Nether regions are extremely sore now, and are showing signs of burning.

I am still slapping the cream all over the important bits, more that 3 times daily now. This is helping a bit.

Anyway, only another 16 sessions of radiotherapy and 3 x 3 chemo sessions, and the I should be all done and dusted!
In fact, on Thursday, I am 50% of the way through!

So..I am trying to think beautiful thoughts!!!!!


Carole said...


I am sending you all the positive vibes I can muster up because I know *all* about that 'sore' feeling! ('sore' sounds so simple eh, like "I have a sore arm" BUT it's a completely different type of soreness)

You are doing so well. Another session of Reiki may be in order shortly.

Hugs xxxx

Carol said...

Thanks Carole,
I need them!!!
You are quite right, there is no way to describe this 'sore'.
I imagine that it is going to get worse before it gets better!
The worst time so far, is during the night, even with pain killers it is stopping me from sleeping.
Half way through the whole bloody lot tomorrow!
Love and Light