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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tuesday 29th March - 26th radiotherapy session

Today, I started on morphine.
I was also told that I had an infection, so I have to take anti-biotics too.
I am still sore, but the pain killers are taking the edge off of it.
(Sitting and standing is easier now, although walking over any distance is still a no no).
Sleeping tablets are ensuring that I get undisturbed sleep.

Still very tired for most of the time, feeling nauseous, heartburn, tinnitus.............all manageable so far.

Only 2 more zappings to go, and then, hopefully, my bits will start to return to normal!

When I saw the Doctor yesterday, I asked when I would know if I still have cancer, or if the chemo and radiotherapy had 'killed' it.

Well, the reason that I didn't mention it yesterday, is that I am not sure that I understand her response.
Basically, I think that what she said was that we wouldn't know, I will just have to keep going for regular check ups.

I will ask again on 11th April, I may be able to make more sense of it all when the whole of my being isn't consumed by pain.

OK, That's it for today, catch up again tomorrow!


Doreen said...

Carol - what are you like!! only flirted with one make nurse? You should have them falling at your feet by now with your magnetic personality !!Enjoy the morphine while you need it - if it takes the edge off things, you'll be able to enjoy those lovely male nurses while you're at the hospital.

Carol said...

Hi Doreen,
Looking forward to flirting more as I get better....the good news is, that nurses are there to make me feel better, so 'rejection'is not an option and it is very!