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Saturday, 19 March 2011

19th March

HI all....
I didn't post yesterday.
2 Reasons:-
1.   I had nothing to say.
2.   I felt like 'rubbish!'

Today, I feel a little better.
I had a decent night's sleep, the first time in ages.
(I used a cream of my that I was told I shouldn't has helped....I will tell the hospital on Monday, and take my 'bollocking' like a big girl, I just hope that I haven't caused too many problems by doing so).

Considering that the pain is much reduced since using the alternative cream, I feel that it is worth it.
I will ensure that I use the recommended cream on Monday.

Still have a sore bum, have back ache...... tinnitus still there, although not problematic, and sinusitis, this is a 'pain', but pain killers are doing the trick.

The main issue is 'annus paini'................ (This Latin is....shall we say....improvised!)

Should have all the radiotherapy finished on Thursday week!   Yay!!!!!!!

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