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Wednesday, 16 March 2011

16th March - 18th radiotherapy session

The radiotherapy session came and went....nothing to report there.

The nail care workshop was great. No one spoke of cancer, every one spoke of nail care and themselves.
We were talked through our nails, any problems and how to resolve them.
Then we were taught how to care effectively for our nails, and did our own, unless we wanted one of the tutors to do them for us.
I chose to do my own.

We had fun.

I was asked how I put my head gear on, so, I stripped to my baldness, and gave a demo. That was also fun, many amusing comments were thrown about.

We were each given a wonderful bag of products which included:-

4 nail polishes
1 base coat
1 top coat
I file/buffer
I emery board
1 cuticle oil
I orange stick

Next week, I am going to the make up and face care workshop.

These workshops are provided free for cancer patients at Newcross Hospital.

Thank you!
I feel more like a Carol than a Cancer now!!!!!!!!!

I feel like I am regaining my individuality!

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