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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

1st March - 7th day of radiaotherapy

Feeling a lot better today than I did yesterday, still tired, and a few minor tummy cramps, so all is well.
I was complaining of being all bloated and swollen earlier in the blog...About mid Feb........
Well, my face is returning to normal, only one foot is swelling up now, my tummy still looks like I have swallowed a football, but it is all returning to normal just in time to be swollen again when I start my next lot of chemo!

The hospital is close to a shopping centre, so I went there straight after therapy, to find that there is a Hobby craft there!
Well, I couldn't resist it! (Wendy, if you are reading,  I know that you will understand!)
I bought some quilling stuff...just hope that my eye sight is good!
I used to do it a lot, along with:-
jewellery making, which I still do.
Macrame, still use that in my jewellery making.
Glass painting.
Pyrography. (Arson
Fimo art.
Making dream catchers.........
Ooooooo, loads of stuff!!!!!

Oh, yes, I used to get old tights and stockings, wash and dye them, and make butterflies and flowers...hehehehe...and with time on my hands now, I will have a crack at it all again.........
Ooooo, and ribbon weaving to make lovely cloths and cushion covers...
Better stop now before I bore you to!

Stuff made out of string...bags, clothes, curtains.........

Stuff made out of paper strips.

Anyway....all in all, today is a good day!

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