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Thursday, 3 March 2011

3rd March - 9th Radiotherapy session.

Still sore in the 'nether regions', but no more sore that I was before.
Still tire easily.
Otherwise, no real change.

I have organised a therapist to visit me tomorrow at 14.00hrs, so I had to alter tomorrow's appointment from 15.30 to 09.30.

I am a thereapist...qualified in aromatherapy and other things....
A client of mine, wanted to book in for an appointment, well, as I am a tad unwell, I felt that my energies were not positive enough to 'therap'....(a bit of poetic licence there) lol!

So I spoke with my friend, who is an excellent and highly qualified therapist, to come and do a 'job lot'!

I will be having either Reiki or crystal healing and hopefully some reflexology.
Mum has decided to have hopi ear candling and reflexology.
My client, (who I feel unable to do myself at this time), with be having crystal healing.

I am really looking forward to it!

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