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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2nd March - 8 radiotherapy session

The appointment was later today than usual.
To date, my appointments have been in the morning...however it was at 13.40 today.
It is 12.50 tomorrow.

Anyway, I digress.

This time, I felt a tingle in the area of the lump removal site during radiotherapy....this is apparently me feeling the actual radiotherapy. It wasn't painful, just a bit uncomfortable and tingly.
I say uncomfortable made me want to have a good old scratch, but of course, you are not able to move whist on the bed.....could be 'zapped' in an area that doesn't need 'zapping'!.

By the time that I was off the table and able to scratch...the desire had gone!

This picture isn't quite what I meant...but I am sure that you get my drift!

The other thing is...I have piles, (haemorrhoids), and because I have been told that I can't use any cream other than aqueous cream in the area between my waist and top of my thighs, I had to ask if I could use 'Anusol', (a cream that is designed to ease piles and sold over the counter in England, for those of you who may not know), Any way, yes I can, and yes I will.

I could use the same picture to illustrate 'piles too! (But I won't lol!)

Mum came with me again today, and was waiting in the waiting area.
When I had finished, I made my way there to collect her and go home.
Well, there was water all over the place.
I asked her what had happened.

Well.........Mum is a 'tidy freak'...she saw these used cups on the table in the waiting room, and decided to clean them away..(disposable cups).
She picked them up, putting one inside the other, not realising that one was still full of water, well it went all over the floor!

I pulled a coffee table over the water so that no one would slip in it and informed the nurse, not telling the nurse that it was my mother, who by the way, was merrily chompping on eccles cakes that she had bought earlier at the W.R.V.S.

I don't know..........!?!
An O.C.D mother and piles, all in one day!!!! Lol!!!!!!

Not a bad today, just very tired.

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