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Friday, 4 March 2011

4th March - 10th day of radiotherapy

I woke with stomach cramps at 05.45.
This culminated in loose stools. I visited the loo 3 times between 05.45 and 06.30.
The cramps ceased.
08.45, I had a couple of mild cramps, with no resulting 'action'.
10.45, further cramps, again, requiring no action.

I am a little sore in the 'nether regions', but not any more that before.

The next time that I need to go for a treatment is Monday at 11.00.
I then have to see the oncologist, so there will probably be something more interesting to report then.

I was told that the side effects start to kick in between day 7 and day 14, (including the week ends).  It is will
be day 14 on Sunday and day 15 when I see the, I will have to wait and see!
I was also told that the side effects will reach their peak during the 2 weeks that follow the radio therapy.

Fingers crossed that I remain to be quite lucky with moderate side effects, which has been the case since starting the chemo in December.
I really have been very lucky so far!

Alternative therapies this after noon.....whoohoooooooo!
I am really looking forward to this!

Just kidding....this is more like it.....................


1 comment:

Carole said...

Hi Carol,

Well done - you're now officially 40% done with RT :-) This time next week you're well past the half-way mark.

The cramps are painful and annoying but hopefully they'll ease off soon.

Hope your Reiki session went well - nothing like a bit of alternative healing to sort us out.

Have a great weekend xxxx