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Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday 14t March - 16th Radiotherapy Session

I saw the Doctor today.
I explained about my soreness, and he said that he would write a prescription for this magic gel.
He also explained that I would be feeling the sore bum at least until the end on the radiotherapy.

Oh, joy and rapture!

I also mentioned the loose stools and frequency of using the loo.
He asked if I was feeling any sickness, which I am not.

He asked how much magic gel I wanted.
I asked for a vat load so that I may plunge my arse in it.

This is what I want to do...sit in a bucket of magic gel!!!!!

Any way, I have a prescription for magic gel, Immodium and very strong co-codomol.
I explained that I still have the anti-sickness pills from the chemo still, as I didn't have the need to take them.
The Doctor advised me to take them if I felt the need.

The Doctor said,
"Well, at least you are still smiling!"

I explained that it wasn't a smile, it was a grimace and wind together!!!!!

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