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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Monday 28th March - 25th Radiotherapy session

It is very difficult for me to sit, stand, walk and generally get comfortable, so when I was called through from the main waiting room, the male nurse asked if I needed assistance, well, being quite an independent person, I said no thanks, but he could take my arm because I thought that he was!

He blushed, and led me to the radiotherapy suite.

Afterwards, I had to go and wait to see the doctor.

The Doctor looked at my 'bits', and prescribed liquid morphine to be taken 4 times daily.

She did say that the burns were clean, which is good news.

The burn that runs up the creases that joins the thighs to the torso are weeping continuously. They are extremely sore, and are still looking like raw steak.
The burns to the vagina are the ones that impede the acts of sitting and standing, and the burns to the creases joining the thighs to the torso are the ones that impede mobility.

As I am unable to wear underwear, further discomfort is caused by the areas weeping, and running down my legs.
When I go out, I have to carry dry flannels to mop up.
I also need to use towels to sit on.

The doctor feels that the pain will start to subside around the 11th April, when I have an appointment to see her again. The burns should start to heal around this time.
This will also be the time when the next chemo sessions will be discussed.

It seems that over the next 5 days to so, the pain and burns will become worse, then they will start to heal, and I should start to feel a little better.

I can't wait......roll on healing!!!!!!!

My Hero, I want to be as fit and healthy as this fab guy!!!!!!!!

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