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Tuesday, 15 March 2011

15th March - 17th Radiotherapy session

Still very sore.
The gel is helping.
I am also feeling extremely tired.
I could fall asleep on a clothes line!

I was told that I was having a 'day off' on Friday.
I still need to complete my 28 days, but I don't have to go on Friday, but it will be added to the end.

I have been offered a 'nail care' workshop tomorrow at 14.00hrs.
I will attend, my nails are in a terrible mess, and it will give me further opportunity to socialise with others who may feel as I do...........their personality  drowning beneath a cloud of radioactivity!

Oh, it will be great to have a conversation with some one, (even greater if cancer IS NOT discussed!)
I understand that cancer is now part of my life, but I do object to it taking over completely............
Right now, all of my plans have to revolve around appointment times.

I understand that it is necessary, but right now I feel like I am no longer a person, I am just a cancerous sore arse that has daily hospital appointments!
Hey, I am still here, it is still me, I am not the cancer!!!!!!!!!

Cooooooeeeeeeeee! Carol Hubbard calling!!!!!!!

I refuse to let my identity be stolen by this bag of bollocks!!!!!!!

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