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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

30th November - Symptoms so far

HI all,
Feeling so much better today!
Today is a good day.
It is amazing what a good night's sleep can do!
Whooooohoooo, Little Miss nice is back! (If she ever existed in the first place).


Symptoms so far
  • *    Minor nose bleeds.
  • *    Pain under shoulder blades.
  • *    Discomfort to upper abdomen.
  • *    Irratic bowel movement.
  • *    Pain to left ear and left side of neck.
  • *    Headaches.
  • *    Pain to chest area, front and back, A bit like   indigestion.
  • *    Short temper.
  • *    Constant tiredness.
  • *    Sweating.
  • *    Itching to the back.
  • *    Hiccoughs  (occasionally).
  • *    Ache to arms, mainly left.
  • *    Ache and discomfort to lower back and left hip.
  • *    Ache and occasional pain to left side of jaw.
  • *    Lethargy.
  • *    Anti-social, not wanting to talk to people.
  • *    Nausea.
  • *    Dizziness.
  • *    Weeing a lot more.
  • *    Dry mouth.
  • *    Sore lips.
  • *    Sneezing.
  • *    Small amount of bleeding from my bottom. (?piles?), stools are not hard. Well formed.
  • *    Tinnitus – getting worse.
  • *    Neuropathy – remains the same.
  • *    Usual temp = 36.4… between 35.4- 35.9, but always feel hot.
  • *    Intermittent pain throughout body, not all at the same time…..start low, reaches peak and fades, a bit like a wave, comes as a shock, but has come and gone in about 30 seconds usually.
  • *    Runny nose quite often.
  • *    Cramp in feet, usually bed time or in bed.
  • *    Cramps in right hand, rare, but happens anytime.
  • *    No urge to go bungee jumping.  
  • *    Just testing.
  • *    Painful soles to feet, (especially left, Cyst?)
  • *    Painful knees when descending stairs.
  • *    Cellulite to bum and thighs, (or should I say ‘additional’ cellulite).
  • Forgetfulness.


Anonymous said...

Do you normaly have urges to go bungee jumping??? lol

Lynn x

Carol said...

Hi Lynn!
You read it all then! Lol!

No bungee jumping for me, need meds to change the curtains! Lol!


Carole said...

I read it all too :)

Have you been referred to palliative care yet Carol? If not someone needs to do this - if not your hospital team then your GP can do this for you.

Hugs xxXxx

Anonymous said...

Geez, 9/10ths of those symptoms sound just like old age, and I oughta know about old age! :-)

I hope you're having a good day today and tomorrow and ...


Carol said...

Hi Carole,
No, I have had no referrals to any where. Everything was going to be done on 'the hurry up', but the scan was delayed by two or three weeks, so the appointment was delayed by the appointment on 8th, when all will be revealed. I was told to bring someone with me, (I usually go alone).
So, not long now. :)

Carol said...

Hi Gayle,
Yep, I bet they are signs of old age, lol!
I really hope that it what they say at the hospital! Lol!

Anonymous said...

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