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Saturday, 5 November 2011

6th November

Went to do the 'big shop' yesterday...loaded it all into the car, then unloaded it all into the kitchen, then packed it all away.....Ooooooo, the excitement!
(Yeah, right!)

Another blogger,
phoned me yesterday, we had a lovely chat, and it is great speaking with someone who really knows how you feel, and is feeling and experiencing very similar things.
Although our cancers are different, (hers is quite rare too), we have been travelling the same road and about the same time frame too, it's uncanny............
Thanks Carole, I really did enjoy our chat!

I had those awful stomach cramps again yesterday, I have been taking the meds, but it didn't help! Bummer!
I suppose I should expect it really, knowing that doesn't help much either.
The good news is, they aren't getting worse, just more frequent!

My hip pain is creeping across my lower back towards the other hip......
At least I will be limping on both legs now and not 'weebling' along the road! Lol!

Tinnitus is getting worse, but the neuropathy remains the same.

The thing that I forgot to mention on Thursday's blog...the results, is that the coloured edges to my vision are probably related to the lump on the brain, but they are not certain.
As I said it doesn't hurt I just see the world from Andy Worhole's perspective for a few moments! Lol!
(Slight exaggeration there, but I am permitting myself to use the 'poet's license on this occasion).


Carole said...

Hi Carol,

Was lovely to finally catch up yesterday, I too enjoyed talking to you :)

Carol, have you been referred to palliative care for pain management yet? If not ask for that.
The pain people I saw last Friday after my mammogram were very very good and I've got a follow up appt tomorrow to tweak whatever needs tweaking around.
You need someone to put a proper package together for you - not the GP - someone who really knows what ongoing & Chronic pain does to you.

Hugs xxXxx & much luv xxXxx

Carol said...

Hi Carole,
No I haven't, but I will, and I will ask about cyberknife too!