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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

2nd November

I had top take Mum to the Doctors again yesterday, after work, and he is sending her for a chest Xray, and more blood tests.

I have a calendar full of appointments and meetings that can't be cancelled. I have to look at the calendar at work and juggle, and organise time off to do it all, it has all got to be done this week! Aaaaaaaaah!

Tomorrow is a no no, because I have my own appointment, this morning is a no no because I have to go work and do the 'juggling!


Ann, if you are reading this, I have lost all of my phone numbers on my mobile, and the emails that I sent you are still in the 'out box' the wont send! Can you text you mob no. to me please. I have the same number, just a new phone. I saved all the numbers to phone like a nit wit, and I can't turn the old one on.!

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