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Friday, 25 November 2011

25th November

The week end is here! Tra La!
Completely knackered.

I did have a good laugh though, a friend of mine 'popped' in to see me at work....
Hi Frahana!

Had a real giggle.....can't tell you what about....I can't remember, some thing really silly, but it did give me real a lift!

It isn't for teenagers only, we more.......erm...... mature girls need it too!

Well, got to honest, I have had a bit of a week .............
I have had pain...this in turn, really p*sses me off, which makes me short tempered
and on and on it goes, you know what I mean.

I like to keep as happy as possible, all smiley and jokey, this isn't just now, I have always been like that......................
But this week, almost every piece of verbal communication has been some one moaning about some thing, and me trying to put all the 'wrongs' right.............

I have been longing for a smile, a positive jolly word....but moan, groan, gloom, doom..............they have 'sucked' all my positivity like little 'blood suckers' all week!

Sooooooooooo glad that the week end is here!


Never mind, next week is another week, and everyone will be happy and actually speak to say something
Good Morning,
Nice Day for November
I 've just come to let you know that I am fine
How are you?

And not
This is broken
Why is my lunch late
My taxi hasn't come
My electric bill is too high
My meds haven't come,
I don't like my chair
The washing machine is broken
I need a new key

!!!!!!!  Blur di blur di blur  !!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhh, that's better.

I had better stop moaning now in case I turn into an 'energy vampire' too!

I think that I need this book! 
Any one fancy getting it for me??????

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