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Thursday, 3 November 2011

3rd November - The results!

Where do I begin.
Let's try the 'Mary Gober' Method.  (When delivering bad news, surround it by good news, bad news, good news)>

Good News:-
I may not have cancer in my lymph nodes and other parts of my body.

Bad news:-
The cancer has returned and it is to the left of my sacrum and in the bone nearby.
This is why I have been experiencing pain in and around the area.
This is also why I have been experience weak bladder and bladder pain, and also why I am experiencing nausea, stomach cramps and erratic bowl movements.
They are almost certain that the cancer is also in my lymph node which was shown to be enlarged on the scan.
If it is in my lymph node, there is little that can be done and I will start on palliative chemo and radio therapy.
The radiotherapy cannot be in the same area as previously, so it will be as close as possible.
It is also suspected that the cancer is in other lymph nodes.
If I have cancer in my lymph node, my life expectancy is 18months.

Good News:-
I will have a full body MRI Scan which show any other areas and show for certain if I have cancer in the lymph node(s), or if I don't.
These results will be looked at on Monday, and I have to return to see the Oncologist on Thursday for the full results.
I know now what the symptoms that I have been experiencing are.
If the cancer is only in the lower back area, I could well live longer than 18months, but as the cancer is so rare, they cannot be sure.

I feel amazingly calm.


bendeschaad said...

Carol, if I were a richer man I would come to U.K. to see you....for support during your cancer battle. Us cancer patients ride a roller coaster....we even scream like when on a real roller coaster ride. You are so brave, such an example for me.
Your friend in USA

Carole said...

Bastard cancer :( xx

Hugs xxXxx

Carol said...

Bless you Aaron....
certainly is a roller coaster.
I am sure that you are a very brave man Aaron, this is a hard journey, and you are still here and cheery! The result of bravery, optimism and determination!
If you were a richer man, I would get you to pay for to come and see you in America! Lol!
Love Carol

Carole....couldn't have put it better myself! How are you bearing up? Thinking of you!
Hugs x