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Friday, 18 November 2011

18th November

Well....the scan.
I had my two litres of 'stuff'.
I had to have the 'dye' injection. I makes the back of your throat feel very hot, and you can feel it going through your body....if fact, it makes you feel like you are actually weeing! (Course, your not).

Just need to wait now....ho hum......been there before.

Little Dougal.......he was feeling sorry for himself yesterday...poor little sweetie!
A bit better today.
When I am with him, I take his head trumpet thing off, and make sure that he doesn't lick and bite his bits, well, the ones he has left anyway! Lol!

Roxanne will be here on Saturday, we will take a trip into town, and on Sunday we will be off to the German market in Birmingham.

I had a good day at work today.......can't tell you why, not because it is a secret or anything...I just don't know what was different today, but I felt good,  and really enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
Poor Dougal, please give him a hug from me, ( and of course have one for yourself )

Hope the German market is as good as it looks!!

Best wishes
Lynn x

Carol said...

Hi Lynn,
the market was great! Really big! Definitely as good a it looks.
Dougal is bearing up under the stain!
Hug given out and received! lol! Thanks!
Hugs back at ya! x