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Thursday, 3 November 2011

4th November

As you know, I received my results yesterday.......(all in yesterday's blog).
And you know that I had to take Mum for tests, and didn't want her to come and hear my results, as her worrying was having a negative effect on her health.........


I went for my results on my own yesterday morning.
When I came home, Mum said,
'I know why you didn't want to take me, now you tell me the results and tell me the truth!'

So......I told her.  She was upset.
Anyway after that, I took Mum to the clinic to have her bloods done, then I took her to the hospital to have her chest Xray.

So there was no need to panic about how I was going to fit it all in!

It is all sorted!

I was really tired and drained last night, so I went to bed early, and I slept so well!

I am up now....(clearly, or I wouldn't be writing this), at 05.15.
Only half an hour earlier than usual.

Coffee, shower and off to work, I have quite a lot to catch up on still.

Life goes on!

No need to really take stock until I have further results next Thursday, after all, I may NOT have cancer in my lymph nodes!

Oh, and just for info, for those who may not know........
Lymph nodes are small roundish organs that are found all over the body.....
stomach, gut armpit and loads of other places.
They are part of the lymphatic system connected to the immune system.
they trap foreign bodies, a bit like a filter.

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