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Monday, 7 November 2011

7th November.....

What a bag of bollocks!

Some one has made a boo boo!
If you remember, I did say that I was to expect a phone call to arrange the full body MRI scan, which would be discussed today, and I was to go for an appointment to discuss it on Thursday.

I do know that when I went to get the appointment for Thursday, it was marked as urgent, and another person was to have their appointment moved to get me in as urgent.

Well, I had no call on Thursday or Friday, no call on Saturday.

As I went to the appointment on my own, I thought, maybe I miss understood, so I phoned the hospital today.

I was right, I should have had a call, the appointment was made for Thursday whilst I was there, so I know that I wasn't mistaken about that either.

I had no call, no appointment for an MRI scan was made, so no pictures for the Doctors to look at and discuss today, no point in going for my appointment on Thursday!


Ooooops? F*c*ing Oooooops?!

Well, just starting to think that I was going to have a bit of control over all of this, you know, get a bit of a grip on it.....and ooooops?!

They have me by the short and bloody curlies, (or would have if I had any left!)

I am livid.....Spitting nails....angry...............
In fact,
I am bloody SAVAGE!!!!!!!

Anyway, Now, the plan is that I wait for a letter that should arrive within the next day or two, phone the hospital when it arrives, the will make another appointment to see the Doctor to discuss further

What a bloody f*c*ing 'Cock - Up'! 


Carole said...

Not good enough at all Carol...

I felt like this at times in the past however once I was referred by the 'other' team I could be seen within 20 hours for an MRI...

It can be done it seems - just that sometimes things must be made harder for us to prove that were not *just* tough, but extra extra tough :)

Much luv


Carol said...

Yes, you are dead right, as if it isn't hard enough all ready!
I will chase it up though, It must be done by next Monday or I will go potty.
Good luck tomorrow!