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Monday, 28 November 2011

28th November

Absolutely whacked again today, but Sandra is back so I have had my little giggly moments!

Yep, our air vents gave rise to many 
a giggle today!

I am bright as a button first thing in the morning!
Up at 05.30,
On the motor way at 06.30,
at work by 07.30, get stuff done.......
Coffee at 10.00ish.............
Another coffee at about 12ish......let's call it lunch.

Then it is slowly downhill, by 15.00hrs, I am well and truly ready for home.
Depending on the time I actually get out, arrive home between 16.00 and 17.00hrs.
Have a couple of wanders around the garden
Get changed, collapse on the couch,  with little Dougal, nibble a little on dinner,  some more wanders around the garden, bed at 21.00hrs.

I need to wander around the garden because I get so very hot, so I have to cool down.

Ho hum.....such is life, I dare say that all of you readers feel exact;y the same!

Well, let's wish for a BIG lottery win.............just remember,

It's MY turn!

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