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Thursday, 24 November 2011

24th November

Some really weird stuff going on today!!!!!!
Really hard to describe...............sort of being disconnected from my body.....yeah, I know, I know......sounds nuts!

My body has been going about it's business, and I felt like I was just following it around................ watching it, listening to it.......sort of keeping it company! Lol!

I had better stop talking about it before some one knocks on the door to 'commit' me!

Keith, my son, is going to spend Christmas with us this year, so I am really looking forward to that.
I have book the week before Christmas....w/c 19th Dec....yay!!!!!!!!!

Well, not a lot else to say.............
So I will chat again soon.


Anonymous said...

I suggest you learn the history of the American Medical System and the Medical School System. Starting back in the early 1900's is where you should start. Until you understand what happened,you can't possibly know what is best for you. Let's just say the FDA has passionately attacked many M.D.'s who were curing cancer,endless lawsuits,threats,..I recommend you read also the Fitzgerald Report...testimony,by a special committee to the United States Senate in 1953 I believe,a google documentary by G Edward Griffith.."the politics of cancer" well..

frahana said...

ok, carol seeing as there is only a month left to christmas, you;re allowed to start talking about it!

this blog is so you, its a real pleasure to read it. i may get committed along with you as Im sitting here laughing out loud to myself and getting some very strange looks!!

Frahana x

Carol said...

Hi Frahana,
So pleased that you are enjoying it!
Lovely to see you today....nothing like a goos hearty laugh to make you feel!

Carol said...

Well Anon,
Not sure how to reply....I take the hump at you suggestion that I can't possibly know what is best for me............ never the less, learning a little history of the American Medical System appeals to me, so I will have a look.
But rest assured, when it comes to ME, I have a pretty good idea what is best for me...........
Thanks for the other info though.