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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

17th November

Today, I have to have my MRI scan.
This will be for my:-

As I explained in an earlier post, I will have to drink about 2 litres of what I think is barium meal in an hour. I may have to be connected to a drip that will pass a 'dye' around my body, and then have the scan.
It is very unlikely that I will get the results before 8th December. This will add to the previous may recall, thy were......................

Definitely have a secondary cancer to the bone in the base of the back to the left of the sternum.
Certainly have enlarged lymph nodes which is an indication of having cancer in those. This may be an infection, but highly unlikely.
Life expectancy  about 18months, but because this is a rare cancer, it is difficult to say with any real accuracy.
This MRI will confirm if the enlarged lymph nodes are cancer or an infection, and will see if there are any other areas of concern.

All will be revealed on 8th December.

Keith has phoned a few times and looking to see when he has time off, and he will be down to see me.

In the mean time, Roxanne, my daughter, is coming to see me this week end.
We will take a train to Birmingham and go the German Market. Mum is coming, and I am meeting my friend Sandra there too. (Shall take the wheel chair, just in case, mum may need it, and sadly, so may I). AND.....we can put all the shopping on it! hehehehehe!

The date for the murder mystery week looks like 28th January in Stratford -Upon-Avon.  Me, Mum, Roxanne and her best friend Saffire, (lovely girl), will be going on that.
The spa week end is yet  be confirmed. I need to find out how much massage I can have. (It is thought that the massage may spread the cancer).
But I say.....If I am terminal, it can't kill me, can it?

Anyway, I have decided that I 
I have even booked my self on a training course. This is 1 week long, and I will be staying in Wales in January. 
Not cheap either.

Dougal, (my little dog), is having his own hospital appointment today!
He is having his teeth cleaned and....................

'Off with his Balls!'

And I don't think that he will find them again in that lot!

Poor little boy! Although, the condemned pooch was given the last meal of especially cooked liver with gravy and a couple of doggie chocs.

I thought that this said Dog Liver!

I must get some new glasses!


bendeschaad said...

ake care.

Carol said...

Thanks Aaron, you too! x