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Monday, 21 November 2011

21st November

Had a great time at the German Market.
It is huge!!!!
The food was great and smelled fab....a bit expensive though.
All the other stuff was fairly priced though.

The train fare was cheap too! £13.00 (and some pence) for 3 returns!
Booked on line. To park the car all day at the station was only £2.50! What more could you ask.

Dougal is doing OK. He still wears the bucket thing on his head when I am at work, but I take it off when I get home, and just keep my eye on him. I put it back on when I go to bed.

This isn't Dougal...but you get the idea.................

Well, nothing else to report as yet.
Hip and back still ache like mad, but it is all manageable.
I was in bed at 7.00pm after coming back from the German Market, I was 'hanging'!

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