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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

5th Jan 1st day of 2nd cycle

I am scared.........

Mum was going to come with me, but she remembered that she had a hairdressing appointment at 12. 00, so she is coming afterwards.
Just as well really, I would prefer her not to see me looking like a scared rabbit! Lol!
Mum sees me as stong and dependable, so I would like to keep it that way, after all, she came to live with me so that I can care for her, not the other way around! Lol!I will be settled and feeling a bit better when she comes. (I hope, anyway).

I should be settled and more confident and less scared then.

Well, 06.45 now, Pete's coming at 08.00 to take me. (Thanks Pete).

I will have another coffee, pack my bag with 'the paperwork', magazines and other things to do for 9 hours, then have a shower.
Shouldn't take me long, as I don't have to 'tat' around with may hair! Lol!
Then I will sit quietly, and take my head to a happy place.

Ooooooo, that just reminded me of a song, do you remember it?
By Napoleon XIV.....

They're coming to take me away Ha ha,
They're coming to take me away Ho ho,
To the happy home,
With trees and flowers,
And Chirpping birds..............

No idea where that came from.......
That's brought a smile to my face!

I will let you know how it went when I get back.
Have a good day.

1 comment:

TommyGun said...

roxanne here, tommygun is hick to let you no.

i remember that song. it used to be playing in your car all the time lol id forgotton about it. now its going to be in my head all day lol