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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th March 2012

What a glorious morning!
When I woke this morning, Harry the Heron was in the pond again!
(he needs a slap on the wrist....pinching my fish......)

I've been thinking about the animals in the garden, I bet it sounds like I have a huge one in the middle of the countryside...(I wish...)
No, not at all, it is about 40'-50' long and about 24' wide. There are other houses and gardens each side, and to the back.

I've been really lucky with he animals who do visit, we have had:_
Harry, the Heron,
Don and Daisy ducks,
Freddie the fox,
Pigeons, Blue tits, black birds, magpies, and many other birds that I have been unable to identify.
We did have a bull finch...he looked at the bird boxes and decided that the accommodation was not to his taste and flew off

I had a dream last night, and all of the animals were in the garden at the same, wouldn't that be great!

The only thing missing in the dream, was me sitting in the middle of them, singing,
'One day my Prince will come'. Lol!

OK....Now to how I feel.................
Ooooooo, Daisy duck has just landed, sorry, just got a bit side tracked.....
Any way, how I feel..

My blog is self indulgent for most part, but I like to share information...
The following is mainly for people who are in a similar situation, that want to know, or need to know what to expect at certain points along the journey.
Do not read any further if you do not want to know.

Bearing in mind that I was told I have 2 - 4 months.
Each day, I feel a little more tired than the day before, I have a little more pain than I had the day before, things are changing a bit quicker than before.

Sleeping can be difficult. I lay in one position and sleep, no problem.
As soon as I choose to turn over, the pain comes. If I lay on my left, the right side of my body, front and back give pain. If I lay on my back, my groin and left back cause pain. It takes ages to get back to sleep, If I get back to sleep at all. I usually get up and take more pain killers.
My little cough now brings phlegm.
Tiredness and lethargy are increasing.
I still have tinnitus.
My hands shake quite a lot now.
Occasional incontinence issues, but you never know when, so I need to be prepared! lol! I am less able to take very deep breaths..........
My hair doesn't seem to be growing back, bit as you know, I don't care!
Eye lashes still coming out, eye brows growing back a bit, but where I don't wnat them! Lol!

OK, You can read on if you like.....
The good news is that I am still breathing and enjoying my life!

All that having been said, it could be worse.
I am still able to do the things that I want to, most of them anyway, I just have to pace myself, and ensure that every other day is a rest day.
And looking on the bright side, end of April is the 4 months, and I am still feeling relatively well.
And as I said earlier on, I am still breathing, I am alive, I am enjoying my life, I am still very able.
Compton Hospice has all my 'bits and pieces' under control!


cleo said...

Ohhh honey, My wishes for you are live and live on!! Even in some agony, of which I know you are in a lot, as you say yoursélf, you live! and are alive!!
Each day is one, and even if not sleeping and in pain, it is one day more!! Darn!! That stupid disease which was thrown upon you, why you, such a wonderful and brave and happy person!! Why YOU!! Often I reflect myself: why was this disease thrown upon ME?? Why oh why??
I guess we will never know the answer on these questions..

Now a good friend of mine has got suddenly acute lukemia!! Why she, why she??

well, this has nothing to do with you, I know, so I will leave you now, but thinking of you honey... much love and all the very best to you, keep on smiling again, and I know YOU can do this!!

HAppy that I see you often on my page now, continue to do so darling! many tight hugs, Cleo

Carol said...

Hi Cleo,
Why? A good question. I am so sorry to hear of your friends illness.
Getting back to why?
I believe, that regardless of your belief system, the posers that be never give you anything that they don't believe that you can handle...that is the only answer that I can come up with.
Hugs dear Lady, and I will see you on your 'page'!

bendeschaad said...

Glad to know you are carrying on my friend. Spring has sprung here in USA Illinois. Vice President Biden is in town so a lot of hubbub. My family is well. I am still teaching 2-4 day per month.
Continue to think of your strength and endurance...such an inspiration!
Have a blessed day, you and the animals.....Aaron

bendeschaad said...

Carol, hope these messe are getting through. I shall try gmail.
Aaron USA Illinois

Carol said...

Hi Aaron, yes I am getting them. lOL! I have emailed you.
Take care. hugs