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Friday, 30 March 2012

Saturday 31st March

Good Morning!!
I had a busy day yesterday, so no blog again...sorry.

Just for information....during the course of next week, there will be two guest bloggers, so that will be cool. I will give more information as we go along.

Roxanne arrived yesterday morning. I went to pick her up from the station, and we went to Compton Hospice to pick my glasses up. I had left them there the day before.

About an hour later Keith arrived.
We chatted and had tea's an d coffee's watched DVD'S.
We also went on line looking for a house to rent for a week that will sleep 18-24 people, so that I can have a week with all of my friends and family around at the same time!
I really do want to do this.
We found a couple of places, we will have booked one by Wednesday I hope.

Claire came with Tilda, (her lovely dog).
This time Dougal didn't pay much attention, and they even played together!
Well, as usual, we were just laughing, when we are together, everything seems to be really funny. She is great!

The two dos together looked bit like this Lol!

We were both a bit nervous that Mum would come out and tell us off...Lol!
It was like being back at school, hoping not to get caught smoking behind the bike shed.......I don't know, behaving like adults can get a bit!

Today, me Keith and Roxanne are going to stay with Philip and Dawn. Looking forward to that.
We will be back on Sunday, when Keith and Roxanne need to go back home.

Hope that you all have a great day!

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