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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Thursday 22nd March 2012

Today, I have exciting news, sad news and general news.
I will start with exciting, then sad, then general.

I have been asked by McMillan - Compton Hospice if they can link their blog to mine and visa versa.
I have also been asked if I would be prepared to talk about myself and my journey with cancer, so that it may be published in the local paper and a magazine.
I was interviewed today, and had my pictures taken today too.

Hehehehehe! LOL! Hollywood, here I come! Oooooo, I can't contain myself, I am so excited.!

I can be just like my heroine! Carmen Miranda!

I, i, i, i, i, i like you very much
I, i, i, i, i, i think your're grand
You see that when i feel your touch
My heart starts to beat, to beat the band

I, i, i, i, i, i'd like you to hold me tight
You are too too too too too divine
If you want to be in someone's arms tonight
Just be sure the arms then are mine

I like your lips and i like your eyes
Do you like my lips to hypnotize you?

See see see the moon above
When when when i think the blue
Si si si seƱor i think i'll fall in love
And when i fall i think i fall for you

I, i, i, i, si, si, si, si
I, i, i, i can see see see
That's you for me.

Maria, the lady that I was telling you about last week, has sadly lost her battle with cancer.
I would be lying if I said that we were great friends, we weren't, but we were certainly travelling that way.

I was wondering what piece of art I was going to create today, and one of the lovely nurses suggested that I may like to finish a piece that Maria had started.
Well, of course, I said yes, I would be very proud too, and I hope that I complete it as she would have herself.
Any way Maria....make sure you have the kettle on when I get there!

Rest in Peace Maria.

I have had some ideas about fund raising for Compton, and I spoke with the Compton Hospice fund raiser......(sorry that I don't mention the names of nurses and other staff, I would like to have their permission before I was to do that)......any way,
I spoke with the fund raiser, and she gave me a couple of ideas too, I will let you know when I have sorted it out.

Don and Daisy have been back to the garden, using the 'facilities'! Lol!
Roxanne went back home yesterday morning.
Keith has had a promotion at work, so he can stay in the Lake District.
I didn't make it to my Drama group yesterday.........
If you remember last week, I said that I was really tired, so I was going to have a nap in the day to make sure that I was 'alert' for the evening......well, that is what I did.
When I woke, I can't say in all honesty, that I felt unwell....but I felt nasty, irritable and angry, and I didn't think that it would be fair to 'force' myself on others, so I didn't go.
I have been sent the play to read though.
I will do that this week and go...fresh as a daisy, next week.


Angelinthemaking said...

I've been emailing someone who is collecting cancer stories for a book if you're interested and not too busy?


Carol said...

Hi Gabi,
Thanks for that, yes I would love to make contact with them. Hope that all is well with you....had a red of your blog, waiting for an update!